1. A Game Built for Online Play

    I have found playing tabletop RPGs online to be….awkward. Thankfully the Index Card RPG has provided me with an interesting framework to smooth online play for our group.

  2. He Died Doing the Right Thing

    What if a Hero became a Villain by always making the right choice?

  3. Story Seeds via Zak Sabbath

    After dedicating this year to playing games (as opposed to writing them) I’ve been reading through my backlog of games and adventures.

  4. Simultaneous Interconnected Dungeon Crawl

    Alternate Title: How to run a game with 12 players and 3 GMs.

  5. Duet RPGs

    Most RPGs are designed with the traditional group in mind: 1 GM, 3-4 players. But often it’s hard to get schedules aligned and set aside enough time to play with a regular group.