Tempered Legacy Generators

A mobile-friendly Weapon and Character generator for Tempered Legacy.


Tempered Legacy is a rogue-lite tabletop RPG framework where you are a Weapon wielded by many. Rules, GM advice, and character sheets here.

Thanks to:

  • Lauren Schirduan, the love of David’s life and his partner in crime.
  • Ben Milton for making Knave, Maze Rats, incredible Youtube reviews, and a bunch of cool stuff. we stole SO many ideas from Ben. Chances are if you like an idea, we stole it from him.
  • Joseph Manola for a bunch of the strangely useful random items that Knaves can start with.
  • Arnold Kemp for even more useful magical items to start with.
  • Imminentdemonengine for 200!? level-less spells. Amazing.
  • Freehold games for making the rogue-like David keep coming back to again and again.
  • Christopher P. Wolf for the code that inspired these generators.
  • And to the OSR community for being such an encouraging, welcoming place.