Wyrd Hunt Generator

A mobile-friendly Hunt generator for the Wyrd and Wild.


Into the Wyrd and Wild is a book for those seeking to incorporate a dark, grim forest into their game. You can read my review here.

How To Use This Generator

Prep beforehand:
  1. Grab a notebook and a pencil.
  2. Click "Start Hunt" and write down the details along the top. You'll give these details to the players.
  3. Draw a diamond somewhere in the middle of the page and write the location number on it.
    (81. Singer’s Domain)
  4. Draw the paths moving away from it. The four corners of the diamond are North/South/East/West/etc. Note what each path looks like:
    (81-SouthWest: a rocky path with blood fungus).
  5. For each path draw a new diamond and generate a location.
  6. Keep drawing paths and generating locations until you're happy with how things look.
During the game:
  • Reference the location numbers in the book and describe them to your players.
  • When they travel, click the "Random Encounter" button for a creature, trap, or plant.
  • Use the buttons along the bottom for items, spells, and mutations.

The woods do not care for you. Never forget that.
Click the buttons to generate some loot.

Thanks to Charles Avery for making such a terrifying world and to Christopher P. Wolf for the code!