RPG Supplements

Supplements for various Tabletop RPGs.

Table Rules


Whenever I run a game for new players or at a convention I’ll clip these rules and advice to my GM screen.

If you want to make your own, Click Here, select File -> Make a Copy, and edit to your heart’s content.

NPC Voices


Still struggling with your Scottish Dwarven accent? Instead try using different voices, or manners of speech.

When you make an NPC, use these symbols to remember how they spoke.

DCC Reference Bookmarks


Includes classes, combat rules, and everything else you might need at the table. A printable, cut-able reference for the Dungeon Crawl Classics corebook.

Dungeon World Reference


Brief rules of Dungeon World for easy use at the table. Includes rules for “Flags”, stolen from Rob Donoghue.

Uncharted Worlds Reference


One-page reference for Uncharted Worlds for easy use at the table.

Numenera Reference


One page reference for Numenera for easy use at the table. Check out The Alexandrian for a more exhaustive reference sheet.

Into the Odd Reference


A one-page reference for the playtest rules of Into the Odd/Bastionland. One of my favorite OSR systems. Currently tailored for the excellent Hot Springs Island adventure books.

The Black Hack Reference


A one-page reference for all the core rules of The Black Hack, an OSR streamlined roleplaying game.

You can also download a version with the “Usage Die armor rules”.

Heroic Fantasy Reference


A useful reference for Heroic Fantasy, an OSR roleplaying game. Heroic Fantasy is a major upgrade to The Black Hack: More classes, more content, tons of examples, etc.

Notable Ninth Worlders


Written for the Numenera game system, NNN contains a ton of interesting and useful NPCs for GMs to use in their games. I contributed many of the NPCs in this supplement, and I hope it makes your job as a GM just a little bit easier.


Naval supplements for Numenera that add new islands, vehicles, ocean-based monsters, and seaworthy NPCs to your game. Perfect for the group that wants to sail the seas of the Ninth World!

Grab Naval Perils for a free preview!

Allomancer Playbook


Inspired by Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series, I attempted to port over his complex magic system into a Dungeon World playbook. I had mixed results, but a few of my players still enjoy this playbook and taking it for a spin.

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