RPG Supplements

Supplements for Dungeon World and Numenera.


Notable Ninth Worlders

Written for the Numenera game system, NNN contains a ton of interesting and useful NPCs for GMs to use in their games. I contributed many of the NPCs in this supplement, and I hope it makes your job as a GM just a little bit easier.


Naval supplements for Numenera that add new islands, vehicles, ocean-based monsters, and seaworthy NPCs to your game. Perfect for the group that wants to sail the seas of the Ninth World!


GM Screen for Dungeon World

Easy-to-use GM screen for my fellow Game Masters. Uses an Abstract Gold system.


Allomancer Playbook

Inspired by Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series, I attempted to port over his complex magic system into a Dungeon World playbook. I had mixed results, but a few of my players still enjoy this playbook and taking it for a spin.

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