Clink is a tabletop RPG about drifters, the creeds that bring them together, and the history that drives them apart. The game uses coins to tell a story inspired by spaghetti westerns, ronin tales, and shows like Firefly or Supernatural.

A few people have requested some “Grittier” rules for Clink. You can download them here.


Clink tells a non-linear story, crisscrossing between your characters’ flashbacks and the risky business of the day. It’s a flexible system that can support nearly any setting, so long as there’s room for folks who aim to misbehave (six-shooters and door-kickin’s encouraged too).

Characters begin as rough sketches of the shifty sort you’d see in an old Western or Noir film. By spending hard-earned coins, the player is able to reveal more and more of their Drifter’s personality through flashbacks and bitter memories.

The player flashbacks add spice to any setting, allowing the players to build out the world and support the story. This makes the GM’s job easier, and gives every character a chance to shine.


When push comes to shove in Clink, it’s time to start flipping coins. A “heads” gets you what you’re going for, but every “tails” sends you deeper and deeper into trouble. The details all depend on what we’ve learned about your drifter’s past.

If you’re an experienced sharpshooter, you can be sure you’ll hit the target you’re aiming for. But when the coin lands on “tails,” you might be hit with the troubling memory of that shot you wish you had missed. That scar will eat away at your resolve, and with enough scars you’ll lose sight of your creed.