The Bone Marshes are now available!

The Bone Marshes are now available!

I released a short adventure module about mapping the a burning marsh. Get it now!


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Over the Bone Marshes, daylight is eternal. The sun rises and sets as normal, but it’s constantly daytime; sun or no. For the past few weeks this scorching daylight has set the marshes ablaze.

The mage, Azimech, seeks to stop it. But before that happens she needs a safe route mapped through the burning marshes. Can you find the safe path?


The Twist

The inner ring of the marsh slowly rotates around the Central Spire once per day. Driven mad by the eternal daylight, a Spirit Guardian of the marshes is attempting to set things right by rotating a section of the marsh.



Inspired by Hot Springs Island and my home town this adventure should bring something a little different to your table. Something a little more “board-gamey”. I hope you enjoy it!