The Maze: Part 1

Our first session took us about 10 rooms into the Maze. We killed a painting, trapped some birdmen, alienated chameleon women, kidnapped a peacock, and stole rare sheet music. Oh, we also found three cool swords.

As I mentioned in my previous posts, I’m really excited for this dungeon crawl, and our first session was a blast!



  • Ramiro (dashing one-armed ranger with multiple weapon-arm attachments)
  • Victor (serious beat-poet bard)
  • Abelarda (brash mage who struggles with her intellect)
  • Vicenzo (an acrobat sensitive about his name)


  • After making it 3 rooms into the dungeon, a bad encounter with magical chess pieces nearly killed Victor and Abelarda.
  • The group dubbed themselves “The Artboys” and tried to pass as wedding musicians.
  • Ramiro found a cloak that allows him to enter paintings. He has trapped several enemies with this artifact.
  • Of the three cool swords found, only one has been figured out. The rest are a mystery.
  • After being harassed by a tiny being that drinks bone marrow, the group has permanently fled the wedding.



Lady Capilla (demi-god?) brought the party into the maze to map it and retrieve relics. After she rescues her father (Dendrosathol) she will attempt to destroy the maze in its entirety.

There are three Medusa Sisters in the maze. They were betrayed by the three Liches (also locked in the Maze).

The Frozen Wedding could be the work of the Medusa Chronia, but is more likely caused by the Sophronia, the Lying Lich.

The Chameleon Women don’t like mammals.



I think we will stick with our current system, it supports role-playing and isn’t too simple. Combat is a little dry, but not a big issue.

The maze is large and dangerous, but players enjoyed how it felt like a real place. NPCs have motivations and goals, they often don’t care much about the players; which is good. Since the players aren’t the focus of the game, they have a lot more freedom to act and make decisions.

I’m excited to see how well the notes and maps one group kept will help the rest of the players. Hopefully these little summaries will help keep groups up to date.

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