1. Only the Food

    A Sci-fi horror adventure.

  2. Feel vs Fairness vs Fun?

    I’m a huge fan Twenty-Sided, a blog run by Shamus Young. He talks a lot about video games, programming, and more rarely, Tabletop games. He is an excellent writer, and one of my role-models. (If you’re reading this, Shamus, I want an autograph!)

  3. It's in the cards....not the dice.

    Dice are awesome. I LOVE dice. BUT, sometimes dice can be unfair, obtuse, and even mean. We’ve all had that session where a player just can’t seem to roll well.

  4. Mystery and Plot hooks in every bite!

    One of my favorite things to find in an RPG book is a hefty number of plot hooks.

  5. Grimworld Raving Review

    Here’s an overview of Grimworld, a supplement for Dungeon World.