1. Why Get Married?

    I got married almost a full year ago, and during that whole process a lot of our friends were scratching their heads:

  2. A Critique of Feng Shui 2

    A lot of tabletop RPGs have a heavy focus on combat, but most of them treat combat as an intricate, tactical puzzle. The GM creates a combat scenario, and the players must use abilities, items, spacing, weapons, mana, HP, and more to overcome it.

  3. Rules, Sin, and Smoking

    I love rules. I REALLY really do. It’s been one of the strangest experiences of my life, becoming an adult and learning that a lot of rules are context sensitive.

  4. Daytrippers Review

    Daytrippers is an absurdist, psychedelic rpg system for auteur game masters…No, I don’t know what that means either. Let’s find out!

  5. Influential Card Mechanics

    I’m not the first person to use cards instead of dice, but I’d like to think that the potential of cards as a resolution mechanic is still relatively unexplored, especially compared to dice.