1. Favorite Authors

    Books and video games war for my attention. Lately books have been winning, and I’ve been keeping track of some of my favorite authors. Finding a new author is the best feeling in the world; a treasure trove of new books to dive into.

  2. 200 Word RPG Alphabet

    As this year’s 200 Word RPG Challenge was ramping up I wanted to take a look back and review some of the lesser known entries from previous years. So every day I reviewed one entry for each letter of the alphabet. This was a fun way to force myself to look at games I might otherwise pass over. I’ve collected all the reviews here for easier reading.

  3. Analyzing Adventure Modules

    Adventure modules are a GMs best friend. Well, they are MY best friend, at least. Having a pre-made adventure can really help with inspiration and cut down on the GM’s workload.

  4. Caves of Qud Stories

    As an avid role-player and game designer I have an intense love of stories. Books, movies, games, memes, whatever.

  5. My Journey into OSR

    Oh boy. Here we go. My exploration of tabletop role-playing games has been an exciting and varied journey. I have read and played a wide variety of games, but I’d like to think that I can track my journey through several phases: Tactical Simulation, Story Games, and my latest destination: OSR. Here’s what I mean: