1. My Journey into OSR

    Oh boy. Here we go. My exploration of tabletop role-playing games has been an exciting and varied journey. I have read and played a wide variety of games, but I’d like to think that I can track my journey through several phases: Tactical Simulation, Story Games, and my latest destination: OSR. Here’s what I mean:

  2. Watching Street Fighter Pt. 2

    This is the second part in my series on understanding and watching Street Fighter.

  3. A Guide to Watching Street Fighter

    In case you haven’t heard, one of the biggest fighting game tournaments was broadcast on ESPN!

  4. Books That Let Me Down

    I love stores, and read a lot of them. For this reason, I’m pretty hard on books. If a book hasn’t consumed my attention within 50 pages, I drop it. I have read too many good books to waste my time on a bad one. All the books I list below were books that I started out loving. These authors are excellent writers, and I’m glad that others have found joy in these books! The problems I describe are my own, for having expectations that the writers did not fulfill. That’s on me.That being said, I still wish for what might have been.

  5. Alternate Settings for Mythic Mortals

    A few people have asked if Mythic Mortals can be adapted for other settings. To that I answer a resounding, “YES!”. As a fun little writing exercise, I’ve whipped up a few small setting blurbs for the Mythic Mortals that might have been.