1. The Maze: Part 1

    Our first session took us about 10 rooms into the Maze. We killed a painting, trapped some birdmen, alienated chameleon women, kidnapped a peacock, and stole rare sheet music. Oh, we also found three cool swords.

  2. Dungeon Crawl: The Plan

    Running “Maze of the Blue Medusa” using Bastionland, Lamentations of the Flame Princess,The Black Hack.

  3. Awesome Free Music on the Internet

    When I was in college I didn’t have the money to afford much music. However I still needed music to fill my off-brand mp3 player. Thus I began my quest of finding the best free music on the internet. Legally free. After several years my quest has reaped great rewards that I will share with you now!

  4. Fantasy Strike is Good for Everyone

    I have never practiced the martial arts, but the idea appeals to me. I love the concept of going head to head against another fighter; anticipating their moves, countering their strategies and getting inside their head to emerge victorious.

  5. Dungeon Crawl: What System?

    The “Dungeon Crawl” has been a staple of RPGs that I have actively avoided.