1. Fantasy Strike is Good for Everyone

    I have never practiced the martial arts, but the idea appeals to me. I love the concept of going head to head against another fighter; anticipating their moves, countering their strategies and getting inside their head to emerge victorious.

  2. Dungeon Crawl: What System?

    The “Dungeon Crawl” has been a staple of RPGs that I have actively avoided.

  3. Favorite Authors

    Books and video games war for my attention. Lately books have been winning, and I’ve been keeping track of some of my favorite authors. Finding a new author is the best feeling in the world; a treasure trove of new books to dive into.

  4. 200 Word RPG Alphabet

    As this year’s 200 Word RPG Challenge was ramping up I wanted to take a look back and review some of the lesser known entries from previous years. So every day I reviewed one entry for each letter of the alphabet. This was a fun way to force myself to look at games I might otherwise pass over. I’ve collected all the reviews here for easier reading.

  5. Caves of Qud Stories

    As an avid role-player and game designer I have an intense love of stories. Books, movies, games, memes, whatever.