1. CC Artwork with Joe Banner

    Joe Banner and I discuss some tips and tricks for using free artwork when making RPG content.

  2. Jalopy Design

    Like you, I enjoy writing and designing games. Also like you, I recognize how important the “other stuff” is when releasing your ideas out into the world. No matter how good your game, an ugly looking document with a bad pitch, mismatched artwork, and lackluster marketing won’t get read by anyone.

  3. Hot Springs Island is ALIVE!

    Hot Springs Island, a new adventure from Jacob Hurst, is alive.

  4. 200 Word RPG Updates

    I got the urge to expand the 200 Word RPG website and community, created a subreddit, try out some mini-challenges and more!

  5. Awesome Free Music on the Internet

    When I was in college I didn’t have the money to afford much music. However I still needed music to fill my off-brand mp3 player. Thus I began my quest of finding the best free music on the internet. Legally free. After several years my quest has reaped great rewards that I will share with you now!